Introducing English for Journalists

International students at the CUNY J-school come from all over the world: Japan, China, South America, the Caribbean, Europe, Russia, India. Their native languages are as diverse as their homelands and cultures.

Since the Class of ’13 started arriving in mid-August for the fall semester, I’ve had the pleasure of working privately with at least eight who are not native speakers of English. While all are already quite fluent, I’ve noted some problems with English that they have in common. (Problems with journalism are another story, though we often talk about those, too.)

On this blog, I’ll address the points I see across the board — mainly in writing, but in speaking and presentation skills as well. Whether you’re uncertain which preposition to use, confused about nuances in word choice, or totally ignorant of a grammar point because you’ve never been taught it, this blog is for you.

Questions are welcome; send them to me at   Or come and see me during regular office hours (Monday afternoons in room 448) or other times by appointment.



One Response to “Introducing English for Journalists”

  1. Stellan
    February 13, 2013 at 7:18 pm #

    i have never come across a blog similar to this – as non native speaker i`m really looking forward to learn something here… 😉