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More danglers

At the end of spring semester — that is to say, before many of you arrived at CUNY —  a grab bag of a post on this blog included a section on danglers. As I explained then: “Dangle” means “to hang loosely,” according to In English, a dangling modifier — dangler for short — is […]

Tell it as it is

Caz was a mainstay of the culture copy desk at The New York Times. Though Caz (short for Don Caswell) had a heart of pure mush, he enjoyed playing the role of crusty old newspaper guy until the day he retired, less than a year before he died in 2005 of all those cigarettes newspaper […]

May or might?

           Starlight, star bright            First star I see tonight            I wish I may, I wish I might            Have the wish I wish tonight. American kids learn this nursery rhyme at an early age. But few think […]